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Maximizing Potential . . .
     while Minimizing and Overcoming
          Weaknesses . . .

 A Little Bit about Beverly . . .

Beverly specializes in ADHD and Learning Disabilities as they impact adults and children in academic and workplace settings. Her masters in Reading and Learning Disabilities from American University. Her Ph.D. in Higher Education is from University of Arizona. Work experience includes in-depth learning strategies intervention, and utilization of coaching principles and techniques for college students with and without Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. Additionally, specific skills improvement in spelling, reading and writing are her specialties. She has over 10 years experience at the college level, many of which were as Associate Director, at the S.A.L.T. Center at University of Arizona. She currently serves as Vice President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Arizona.

Beverly enjoys and is experienced in helping others define and actualize their goals, develop plans to achieve those goals, maintain focus, and revise or achieve the intended outcome through improving executive functioning. She can help students learn material in specific classes or improve performance in general. Whether this occurs with those in school or college, or with those in the workplace, remotely or in-person, working with Beverly can be a life-changing experience.

Beverly is a Tucson transplant from several other major cities. Having lived in Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans and Columbia, Missouri and working in a variety of settings, she has worked in administrative and nonprofit experiences in addition to working in education settings. This is invaluable in assisting clients at all stages of their lives. She relates well with people and is qualified to to help others improve their academic or workplace performance.

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